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Finally my first English single and its rocking my life! Thank you for receiving “Look Away” with such love and passion. The comments and messages I’ve received around the country and world and the ones I still do every day is really boosting my inspiration levels to new heights to write many more of these songs and stories.

Songs are not always life lessons nor is it instructions what listeners should do or feel. It’s little emotions and stories captured in a melody floating and broadcasting around in the air for others to relate to, and that helps to cure broken hearts or to mend what went wrong, or just to have a great time dancing and singing to. Whatever it triggers in you, songs are amazing like that!

Look Away is exactly that. It is a glimpse of a moment in my life where I felt ashamed and didn't want to be in any limelight or be present while I had to go through something hard or had to accept an authentic part of me that I couldn't. I wanted to swim away from the shore and the deeper I swam the less people could see me but the deeper I got the more lonelier I felt.

We are not made to be alone, but we are made to connect to our inner selfs in times of distress. So if "swimming deep in for miles" makes you connect and be better then do that, but as long as you swim back to shore as fast as you can after that, let everyone on the shore applaud you instead of looking away, let them receive you, and let them help you.

That is my story and I get to sing it in a song and tell everybody about it!

Here is the video you've all been asking for. We did something completely deferent than in my previous videos. This entire video concept is an abstract representation of what it is to pretend and how it makes us feel in the end.

Enjoy “Look Away” - Also read my thank you's below...


I want to thank Fred Den Hartog for revamping "Look Away" in studio into something incredible. You rock my bra!!! I want to thank Dane Taylor for his amazing mix on the song. I want to thank Gerrie Janse Van Vuuren from SILO - Art Motion Stills and his team for the amazing video. I want to thank Carmen Kruger for her amazing face painting and make-up on me in this video. Thank you everybody at Marketing Zoo for marketing this project. Everyone made it a huge success! Thank you!!!!

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